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Kodak Photographic Paper Info

Designs include 4×8 Slimline Greetings and 5×7 Cards, in your choice of horizontal and vertical formats. Wedding Cards on Professional Papers are single-sided and can be personalized with your own text. Simply drag-and-drop your images into the templates and add your text. The silk textured finish of this elegant paper surface is perfect for vibrant images with warm highlights and natural skin tones.

Features a glossy finish and metallic appearance that creates images with exceptional visual interest and depth. Templates contain guides to help you sucessfully create your own designs.

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A stamp can be one of the most significant parts of a photograph. The stamping can help tell us much, who was the photographer, the company the photo was made for magazine, Associated Press , why and when it was made. Sometimes a stamp will tell us the age of the photo. While a stamp or tag does not in and of itself authenticate a photo stamps are rarely forged , it helps the collector in making a judgment. While a new collector might not know a platinum print from a hole in the wall, the rubber stamp on the photo’s back is something she can get a handle on.

The stamp of George Burke with his Belmont Avenue Chicago address will rightly communicate to this new collector that the photograph was made or otherwise authorized by the famous baseball photographer.

Professional Inkjet Photo Paper, Glossy / 255g

This next-generation paper has a larger color gamut and higher Dmax to ensure that colors captured in-camera reproduce more accurately, while producing deeper, richer black, an expanded dynamic range and additional detail in shadow areas. Please refer to www. Contact the ink manufacturer for light-fastness data.

So that’s causing me to have a lot of photos with ’19xx-xx-xx’ as the date. that most family photo collections have a considerable amount of paper prints that And it’s possible that original Kodak envelope your prints might still be stored in.

The new site update is up! I am working on a photo album and trying to sort the pictures by year. I’ve already looked for timestamps and clues in the pictures, but there are a few that I can’t figure out. I understand that there are pitfalls to this method e. I’ve tried Googling for more info on the years different branding was used, and had no luck. The photo paper is mainly Fuji and Kodak. I’m not sure this is possible. I don’t know how far you could narrow the field using the paper, when I worked in a photo lab we could store the paper for up to 18 months.

We used Fujicolor Crystal Archive the entire time I worked there, from to , if that helps at all. You might have a little success using the types of paper, but it wouldn’t narrow it down to a range smaller than a few years, I’d expect. And you’d have to contact the manufacturers to find out when they produced certain back-printing styles; I’ve never seen any information online specifying when certain kinds were made.

Be a Photo Detective: Tricks to Dating Your Family Snapshots

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Find out how to identify and date Real Photo Vintage Postcards on Playle’s. and backs to identify the age and paper manufacturer of old Real Photo Postcards. Kingsway known, Kodak Present, Kodak (Australia) (​diamonds in.

I’m just now starting to archive all the photos my Mom has. Most of the ones we are doing now are the real old ones—her family photos and my Dad’s family photos. The problem is she can’t always narrow down the date enough to come up with a year. So that’s causing me to have a lot of photos with ’19xx-xx-xx’ as the date. There aren’t really any other family members who will know the answer so I doubt if the dates will ever be completed.

Any suggestions as to how to handle situations like this so I don’t have a long list of ’19xx’ photos? Patty, you are certainly not alone. I would suspect that most family photo collections have a considerable amount of paper prints that weren’t dated or even captioned. Back then, it was probably so easy to think you would always be around to tell someone anything they wanted to know about your photos. But, now we know that simply isn’t the case. Important people’s memories fade over time, forgetting these fine and seemingly unimportant details.

And even sadder, important people in our lives eventually pass, leaving us with only the memories they have successfully communicated to us. I must admit, my Mother is the last link to many of my family photos. Every day I wait to have her assist me with captioning info and dating our collection, is a day closer to the time I will be on my own for all of this information.

B w photo paper dating kodak

Anyone who tries to date and organize photos has had this dilemma, whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a professional photo organizer. Recently we asked members of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers what tips and tricks they use to date enigmatic Photos. We think you will find their answers extremely helpful. Before you get started it can help to have some tools handy…your photo detective bag of tricks as it were.

If you get lucky, the back of the photo can give clues to location or date. If you are really lucky someone has written down identifying information people, place, event, date.

Your printer can help you locate pictures on a memory card or USB-connected device by the date the picture was taken or last saved. To locate pictures.

Every subject known to man can be found on a postcard. Post Card History and Dating Methods. Although the world’s first picture post cards date from the s to the mids, post cards, as we know them, came into being in the United States about Prior to that time, there were trade cards and postal cards, which usually carried advertising or printed messages. Trade cards became popular with the enterprising merchants who distributed them from the s to the s.

With the advent of the camera, which was developed in the mids, and later the post card, history would be forever immortalized in print. The back of a post card can give several clues about the age of a card. If the postmark on a postally used card is readable, that is the first clue to its age. Most of the cards that made it to the post office were mailed within a year or two of being produced.

On a card that was not mailed, the first place to look is the stamp box. Stamp boxes are the small rectangular boxes printed on the upper right hand side, where the stamp is to be affixed. By comparing identical mailed and unmailed cards, researchers have developed a pattern to determine when a particular style of card was produced.

Kodak Dektol Paper Developer 1 Gallon – PAST DATE SPECIAL

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The Korean War is in full swing. Kodak Velox Rapid paper was a fiber based photographic paper used to create prints from photographic negatives. The F means glossy, the 3 is the contrast designation. Single weight refers to the thickness of the paper base. Why is all this important? I, on the other hand, am crazy enough to think this might be something I can use.

Would this be a journey of discovery filled with adventure and self realization? The kind of thing that ends with me staring out a train window as I rumble across the great plains contemplating my victory and lamenting the losses I suffered for it? Some of you might be wondering why this is such a big deal and why something like film or paper even has an expiration date?

What you need to understand is that photographic paper and film are generally based on a silver halide gel chemistry. This means that the light sensitive chemical mixture in paper and film are suspended in gelatin with a few added little things before being applied to the base paper or plastic during manufacture. This is the same gelatin as found in products such as Jello.

The same green Jello you eat at 3am while watching monster movies on that channel no one watches at any other time.

So just How Do I Choose the Correct Photo Paper for My Images

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